Alien Stardust- Signal to Noise

Alien Stardust- Signal to Noise

Victoria Vesna

10 Mar 2020 - 6:00pm

[Alien] Star Dust by Victoria Vesna is a site specific immersive art experience
that brings alive for the audience the sensation of meteorites and micro-meteorites
falling on our planet from many dimensions.

The artist based the work on the Vienna Natural History Museum’s collection of
meteorites that have landed across all continents, as well as on the recorded radio
signals reflected from the plasma trails collected from the meteor radar station on the
roof of the museum.
Visitors activate projections of meteorites falling on the existing craters, generating a
blend of extra-terrestrial and anthropogenic dust accompanied by the mix of outer
space and earthly sounds. Dust knows no boundaries.

[Alien] Star Dust will also be presented as an interactive red-carpet exhibit during the
Raw Science Film Festival on April 17th, 2020 in Costa

Animation/AR: Debra Isaac, Elí Joteva, Zeynep Abes; Audio: Paul Geluso, Ivana Dama,
Clinton Van Arnam; Microscopic imaging: Gimzewski Pico Lab, Sam Lilak, Shane
Houchin; Architecture: Raw Science Film Festival, Gensler – Luis Escalanta, Patrick
Aguilar, Carlos Miguel Enriquez