All lectures were recorded March 5th-6th, 2009 as part of the Sound + Science Symposium at UCLA. The lectures are also available in video format by visiting our video archive. Right-click to save each lecture to your computer.

 Tyler Adams - Symposium Introduction   - 57mb

 Peter Narins - When Sounds Collide: Environmental Influences on the Evolution of Acoustic Communication   - 0mb

 Daniel Blumstein - The Sound of Fear: Implications of Alarm Calling and Predator Detection for Conservation Biology and National Security   - 82mb

 Ricardo Dominguez - Sounding Out the Matter Market   - 0mb

 Laura Peticolas - Communicating the Science of the Solar Wind Using Sounds from Satellite Data   - 79mb

 Miller Puckette - The Computer as an Aid or Hindrance to Musical Expression   - 79mb

 Curtis Roads - Gabor's Sonic Model: A Research Review   - 74mb

 Diana Deutsch - Illusions in Music and Speech   - 56mb

 Dolores Bozovic - The Biophysics of Hearing   - 63mb

 James Marston - Using Audio Cues to Enhance Navigation and Spatial Learning for the Blind   - 80mb

 Petr Janata - Brain Networks for Tracking Musical Structure   - 83mb

 Andrea Polli - Scaling the Sonic Terrain: Raising Environmental Awareness Through Sonification   - 76mb

 Jim Crutchfield - Insects, Trees, and Climate: The Bioacoustic Ecology of Deforestation and Entomogenic Climate Change   - 83mb

 Douglas Kahn - Aesthetics of Natural Radio   - 74mb

 Veit Erlmann - Re(a)sonance   - 0mb

 Paulo Chagas + Rene Lysloff - Sound, Consciousness, and Culture: Exploring Music and Technology through Semiotics and Ethnographic Study   - 0mb