All events take place in the Auditorium of the California NanoSystems Insitute at UCLA

Thursday, March 5th, 2009:

9am - 10am Morning Reception & Opening Statement

Tyler Adams


Art | Sci Center

10am - 11am When sounds collide: Environmental influences on the evolution of acoustic communication

Peter Narins


Dept of Physiological Sciences and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

11am - 12pm The sound of fear: implications of alarm calling and predator detection for conservation biology and national security

Daniel Blumstein


Dept of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

12pm - 1pm Sounding out the Matter Market

Ricardo Dominguez

UC San Diego

Dept of Visual Arts

1pm - 2pm Lunch Break



2pm - 3pm Communicating the science of the solar wind using sounds from satellite data

Laura Peticolas

UC Berkeley

Space Physics Research Group

3pm - 4pm The computer as an aid or hindrance to musical expression

Miller Puckette

UC San Diego

Dept of Music

4pm - 5pm Break / Film Screening
Cymatics: Bringing Matter To Life With Sound by Dr. Hans Jenny
5pm - 6pm Gabor's sonic model: A research review

Curtis Roads

UC Santa Barbara

Dept of Media Art & Technology

6pm - 7pm Illusions in music and speech

Diana Deutsch

UC San Diego

Dept of Psychology

7pm - 9pm Reception


Friday, March 6th, 2009:

9am - 10am The Biophysics of Hearing

Dolores Bozovic


Dept of Physics

10am - 11am Using Audio Cues to Enhance Navigation and Spatial Learning for the Blind

James Marston

UC Santa Barbara

Dept of Geography

11am - 12pm Brain networks for tracking musical structure

Petr Janata

UC Davis

Dept of Psychology & The Center for Mind and Brain

12pm - 1pm Lunch Break



1pm - 2pm Scaling the Sonic Terrain:  Raising Environmental
Awareness Through Sonification

Andrea Polli

University of New Mexico

College of Fine Art + School of Engineering

2pm - 3pm Insects, Trees, and Climate: The Bioacoustic Ecology of Deforestation and Entomogenic Climate Change

James Crutchfield

UC Davis

Dept of Physics & The Complexity Science Center

3pm - 4pm Break / Film Screening
Music for the Eyes: Visual Music Films

Cindy Keefer

Center for Visual Music

4pm - 5pm Aesthetics of Natural Radio

Douglas Kahn

UC Davis

Technocultural Studies

5pm - 6pm Re(a)sonance

Veit Erlmann

University of Texas at Austin

Butler School of Music

6pm - 7pm Sound, Consciousness, and Culture: Exploring Music and Technology through Semiotics and Ethnographic Study

Rene Lysloff /
Paulo Chagas

UC Riverside

Dept of Music

7pm - 9pm Reception