BLUE MORPH is a collaboration between media artist Victoria Vesna and nanoscientist James Gimzewski


This project would not be possible without the generous support of the Bermant foundation.


Thanks to Carol Parkinson and staff at Harvestworks
Surround sound / interactivity: Paul Geluso
Interactive seat construction: Romie Littrell


Installation design, Governor’s Island: Aliki Potiris Production: Shaun Westbrook, Tyler Adams, Laura Hernandez, Sara Cross

Photo Documentation: Adam Stieg, Brenda Williams, Yuta Nakayama

Thanks to Don Kania, CEO of FEI for allowing us to image the butterfly wings with their electron microscopes.

Morpho peleides and Danaus plexippus wings and pupa were provided by Dr. Richard Stringer Department of Math, Science and Allied Health, Harrisburg Area Community College.

Additional technical assistance of Andrew Pelling and Paul Wilkinson in recording the heart beat of Danaus plexippus chrysalis are kindly acknowledged.