Blog #4

Today was a relatively unconventional day, we had Victoria Vesna come and speak to us about her career as an artist, fluid_bodiesand the way that her life was very random and took her in so many directions from her home country of Lebanon to school in Jakarta, Indonesia and then all over the United States.


I thought that her life was pretty fascinating, not only because it took her to so many seemingly random locations vesna_victoriathroughout the world but also because so many things changed in her life just because she relied on her gut instinct to either embrace or reject opportunities that had presented themselves to her.   It kind of made me think about life itself and how even with the exact same beginning circumstances two people can easily end up in the opposite corners of the world.


That kind of happened to me too actually.  Strangely, I seem to remember my early memories very vividly, and the more recent they get the more my life becomes a blur- so one of the most vivid early memories that I have had was in Russia when I was in preschool, I was living in dorm-like surroundivesna3ngs with other families that consisted of scientist parents and their children.  I knew everybody and everything was familiar and somehow I was already sure that I knew what would happen for the rest of my life.  And then everything just changed, the theory of punctuated equilibrium I guess.  One day you wake up sure of everything that’s going to happen to you and go to bed knowing that everything is changed forever.


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