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7 Omotosho Kehinde This site has shown how we can mitigate the impact of this epidemic in our Country. Good Job. Right on 07/22/2007
6 Omotosho Kehinde I am HIV positive person,now a State Coordinator in Nigeria and i want to incorporate an exchange visit we us in Nigeria and by make some of my members and i visit you in Los Angeles for proper networking and accessment in fighting for Stigma and discrimination in ours and your Country so as to mitigate the impact on HIV and AIDS in our environment. Thanks Evang.Omotosho Kehinde NEPWHA Osun State Coordinator +2348052384161. 07/22/2007
5 Brisa Very interesting site. Hope it will always be alive! 06/22/2007
4 Rob . Very impressive! It actually helps me to understand my friends who are suffering from AIDS. Thanks. 06/05/2007
3 David Gere Very cool, Byeong Sam. Thanks for writing the code. 05/25/2007
2 Carol H. What a great site! What fabulous people! I love the project. 05/24/2007
1 ´╗┐Byeong Sam Jeon bsjeon@uci,edu Please leave your message. 05/23/2007