Ariana Mamnoon

Ariana Mamnoon is an interdisciplinary artist, musician, and researcher living in Los Angeles. She graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in English and Geography/Environmental Systems & Society. She is a radio resident on NTS Radio as the host of "Temporal Cove" and a member of the three piece LA based project untitled (halo). Much of her work is centered on sound, environment, and finding explorative ways to portray and express art and music. Her interests lie in ecological/natural processes and human interactions, and how the two work together to produce ever changing mosaics. Some of her recent work includes curating an ambient-focused listening event during dawn on New Year's day in a tunnel, and performing at various venues and galleries with her band, such as the UCLA Broad Center for Art. Her current forms of expression are done via performing, digital collage, archival poetry, DJ mixes, and short-form videos. She loves her dog Willow and the ocean.

Ivana Dama

Assistant director of the UCLA ArtSci Center

Ivana is a sound artist and researcher currently working and living in Los Angeles. She graduated from UCLA's School of Arts and Architecture in the Design Media Arts and Digital Humanities department. Her art practice includes audio-video installations, robotics, web projects, as well as music performances. Her work explores the themes of sound and space ranging from microscopic, architectural, and satellite scale. Ivana participated in more than 30 group shows and two solo exhibitions in Portland and Los Angeles.

Ivy Lovett

Ivy Lovett is an artist and graphic designer based in Southern California, and a graduate from UCLA's Design | Media Arts program. Doodling since the womb, she has always been naturally drawn to the arts, and throughout her educational career, explored and found passion in several artistic mediums ranging from fine to interactive art. As a result, her work aims to integrate illustration into a variety of media, playfully weaving together themes of nostalgia, memory, and eclecticism as a way of exploring the relationship between the tangible and the digital.

Maryam Razi

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Maryam Razi, based in Southern California, wears multiple hats as a visual designer, eyewear artisan, freelance curator, and part-time writer. She focuses on the crossroads where art, science, technology, and culture meet. With a solid design and research foundation, Maryam is pursuing a Master of Science in User Experience, adding to her existing advanced degree.

TengChao Zhou


TC Zhou (b. 1990) is a computational media artist. His programming-language-based art is about queer studies and gay Chinese literature. He thinks poetically and is interested in combining old stories with new media, such as machine intelligence, genetic programming, and game systems. He sees art-making as a form of research. TC Zhou has been carrying out independent research about sexual orientation since 2014, creating flash animation and games since 2001, and making queer games since 2017. TC Zhou graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree from UCLA's Design Media Arts department, a major in Computer Science from NYU, was a panelist at the UCLA Queer Graduate Research Conference (2022 & 2023). His work was shown at V2_ lab (Rotterdam residency), Art Machines 2 (artist talk at CityU Hong Kong), UCLA New Wright Gallery, UCLA Design Media Arts Gallery (solo show), Spectra Studio (Los Angeles), Top Art Space (Guangzhou). His work was supported by Points Center for Contemporary Art (Kunshan), UCLA DMA fellowship, and Stone and Kimono Lin Fellowship.

Victoria Vesna

Victoria Vesna, Ph.D., is a media artist and Professor at the UCLA Department of Design | Media Arts and Director of the Art|Sci center at the School of the Arts and California Nanosystems Institute (CNSI). She is currently a senior researcher at IMéRA – Institut Méditerranéen de Recherches Avancées in Marseille (2011-2013). Her work can be defined as experimental creative research that resides between disciplines and technologies. With her installations she explores how communication technologies affect collective behavior and how perceptions of identity shift in relation to scientific innovation. Victoria has exhibited her work in over twenty solo exhibitions, more than seventy group shows, has been published in excess of twenty papers and gave 100+ invited talks in the last decade. She is the North American editor of AI & Society and in 2007 published an edited volume - Database Aesthetics: Art in the age of Information Overflow, Minnesota Press and most recently an edited volume entitled Context Providers: Conditions of Meaning in Media Arts. (co-edited with Christiane Paul and Margot Lovejoy). Intellect Press, 2011.