All day we celebrated and ushered in the new year of the wooden Dragon!
Victoria was joined by Maryam who is the lead designer for Hox Zodiac. Siddharth joined us from Seattle and helped introduce our project and celebrations honoring the dragons in our community.

The morning session was part of the EAT or Be EATEN: HOX Zodiac class sponsored by Fiat Lux and the Rothman Foundation. Siddharth joined us from Seattle and Clarissa Ribeiro beaming in from Sao Paolo opened...

Dr. Dan Jay gave a talk to Prof. Vesna's DESMA 160 Vibrations Matter, visited ALMS CNSI and Dr. Walter Gekelman's Plasma Lab

On Jan 18, 2024, Prof. Victoria Vesna's "DESMA160: Special Topics in Media Arts: Vibrations Matter" class visited the Advanced Light Microscopy and Spectroscopy (ALMS) Laboratory in the CNSI (California NanoSystems Institute) building. Dr. Dan Jay gave a lecture to the DESMA160 Vibrations Matter class about his artistic practice that combined molecular biology and chemistry with painting and installation. We were then led on a tour through the lab, which included learning about the...


IMAN PERSON is a first-generation Jamaican-American artist and cultural anthropologist whose research explores the intersections of Black and Indigenous technologies, and their connections to ritual, the land, language, and cosmic time. Her work goes beyond traditional Western views of technology to offer a somatic examination of cultural diasporas within the Americas and the Caribbean. In her practice, she sees the body as deeply connected to the elements, with her recent works focusing on...