Patricia Olynyk, Fellow of Medicine & Media Arts initiative


In the second week of April, we were privileged to welcome Patricia Olynyk, a fellow of the UCLA Art Sci Medicine & Media Arts initiative, as a visiting lecturer at the UCLA ArtSci Center. Olynyk's multifaceted artistic practice, which includes photography, printmaking, video, and installations, scrutinizes themes related to science and technology, as well as the influence of social systems and institutional frameworks on our perceptions of our place in the world. As a respondent to Hannah Landecker's lecture at the LASER event on April 10th in the CNSI Presentation Room, Patricia Olynyk shared her insights on “ULTRA PROCESSED HEALTH”.

Patricia Olynyk is an artist, writer, and educator whose work explores science and technology-related themes and how social systems and institutional structures shape our understanding of our place in the world. She is the former director of Washington University’s Graduate School of Art and the Florence and Frank Bush Professor in Art. She holds a courtesy appointment in WashU’s School of Medicine and fellowships in the Institute for Public Health and Living Earth Collaborative, both interdisciplinary hubs that facilitate research across a wide range of fields.