LITA ALBUQUERQUE "Prime Meridian: Zero Degree" / Exhibition / LASER

LITA ALBUQUERQUE "Prime Meridian: Zero Degree" / Exhibition / LASER


Upcoming EXHIBITION Opening MARCH 6th 

LITA ALBUQUERQUE >> Prime Meridian: Zero Degree

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Presented by internationally renowned artist Lita Albuquerque, Prime Meridian: Zero Degrees explored the relationship between humanity and the movement of the cosmos. Albuquerque projected two videos on the walls of stellar rotation from the north and south poles and a projection on the ground of a body’s shadow running. In this projected world, Albuquerque suspended our ordinary reality. The normal ebb and flow of life ceased, in order to better understand our common bonds of time, stillness and motion.

With sound composed by Susan Deyhim, Prime Meridian: Zero Degrees was performed by Jasmine Albuquerque Croissant, Marc Breslin and Clarissa Ribiero.

Lita Albuquerque is an installation/environmental artist, painter and sculptor. She has developed a visual language that brings the realities of time and space to a human scale and is acclaimed for her ephemeral and permanent art works executed in the landscape and public sites.