DESMA 9: Introduction to Art, Science & Technology

Art, Science & Technology is a fully online course designed and developed by Victoria Vesna. This introductory course explores
how similar technologies are driving new forms of art and science, broadly surveying scientific and technological innovations
using technology in innovative ways. It is art inspired by science and art/science collaborative projects, wherein art is taken to
encompass contemporary forms of expression that are technologically driven.

Open UC-wide to students of all disciplines during the 2015 academic year and to everyone in the summer. This introductory
course is meant to explore and survey the cultural impact of scientific and technological innovations, technology driven art,
inspired by science and art / science collaborative projects. Students will be introduced to the vast array of cutting edge research
taking place on campuses and beyond with scientists / artists leading this work will guest lecture. Emphasis will be on art projects
that use technology and respond to new scientific concepts. P/NP or letter grading.