The Art|Sci Center supports interdisciplinary collaborative research, bringing scientists into studios and artists into labs. We have developed many collaborative investigations and projects with significant UCLA scientific researchers, including Dr. James Gimzewski (chemistry/nanoscience), Dr. Mark Cohen (neuroscience), Dr. Anne Andrews (neurobiology), Dr. Ken Wells (psychiatry) Dr, Walter Gekelman (plasma physics), Dr. Charles Taylor (evolutionary biology), Dr. Leonard Rome (medical school), Dr. Gerald Buckberg (cardiology). We are also closely affiliated with the center of UCLA Genetics & Society and center for Art and Health and has an expanding international network with other institutions that share the same goals with established MOUs: University of Tsukuba, University of Tokyo, Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria, University of Plymouth, UK, IMÉRA, France, University of Washington, St. Louis, Parsons New School of Design, School of Visual Arts, NY.

Research topics have included water, genetics, morphogenesis, body politics, DIY biology, artificial intelligence, ecology, treatments for chronic pain, nanodiamonds in cancer treatment, renewable energy, sonocytology, birdsong communication, quantum entanglement, and self organized criticality.