EDA Recorded Lectures 

The EDA (Experimental Digital Arts) is an open space designed for presentations and short exhibitions located in room 1250 near the ground floor entrance of the UCLA Broad Art Center. As part of the Department of Design | Media Arts, the EDA was established in 2000 by Professor Victoria Vesna and directed while she was Chair of the department (2000-07) as a space to encourage dialogue between disciplines and experimentation with new technologies. It continues to be a vibrant space with numerous exhibitions, performances and lectures with many events streamed and archived for future views.

UCLA Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library

Louise Darling (1911-1999) is the founding director of the Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library. She received degrees in Botany (B.A.) from UCLA and Botany (M.A.) and Librarianship (Certification and Credential) from the University of California, Berkeley. The collections are broad in scope and designed to support the teaching, research, and patient-care related needs of its primary clientele. In addition, the collections are a resource for the health, life sciences, and psychology communities. The total collection includes more than 683,778 print volumes and provides access to thousands of electronic resources including journals, databases, and other materials.