Announcing the Open Call for Entries... SCIENCE INSPIRES ART: THE COSMOS

Announcing the Open Call for Entries...

the 15th, international, competition-exhibition 
to be held at the New York Hall of Science 
August 31, 2013 - March 2, 2014


Ever since early humans looked up in wonder at the sun, moon, and stars, we've been on a quest to decipher the mysteries of our cosmos. The vastness and unreachability of the "unknown" captivates the imaginations of scientists and artists alike.

The stream of new technologies and results of scientific experiments that inform our new understandings of the nature of the cosmos, inspire artists to create new works in all media and genres. And both the macro and the micro play leading roles as primary sources for contemporary creativity. Whether it's flashes of the most ancient light left from the Big Bang, Curiosity Rover's rock-testing for signs of microbial life on Mars, the image of a galaxy's huge black hole eating a star, or finally knowing the nature of matter itself via the atom-smashing, Large Hadron Collider -- all evocatively engage the mind and the spirit.

More than mere depictions of scientific data, artists strive to create expressions of how this expanding knowledge of our cosmos makes them feel. Many ancient cultures did this by devising stories and pictorial representations of star constellations. More recently, the astonishing "what-if" nature of writers like Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, birthed new narratives that culminated in the golden age of science fiction in literature, on TV with Star Trek, and in movies like Star Wars. It didn't matter that these other-worldly fantasies about alien planets or aliens visiting our planet were unrealistic, their mass audience appeal remains alive and well today. The lure is understandable, as there is still so much unknown and mysterious about the cosmos.

Art & Science Collaborations is also on a mission of discovery. If your original art [executed in any visual media and documented via stunning images] relates to astronomy (including astrophysics, astrochemistry, astrobiology, astrogeology), questions of cosmology, extra-terrestrials, or the nature of matter and/or time in relation to universal laws -- we look forward to your submissions!


Art Co-Juror: 
Dan Goods is an artist and the "Visual Strategist" at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasedena, California.

Science Co-Juror: 
Arthur I. Miller is a scientist and writer who is renowned for exploring creativity in art and creativity in science. 

Juror Abbreviated Bios: 


Selected Artists Receive: 
exposure at a high-visibility venue [over 100,000 visitors during this time-period], frames furnished by the museum, inclusion in the permanent online exhibition, 1-year ASCI Membership [$40 value], public reception & color announcement cards, promotion to ASCI network and art & science journals & blogs



ENTRY DEADLINE: July 21, 2013