Art + Sci opportunities

Center for Chemical Evolution :: Exploratory Seed Grants for Visiting Artists Emory University, Atlanta Georgia, USA

Proposals due 1 December 2011

The Center for Chemical Evolution (CCE) is an NSF and NASA funded, multi-institutional research effort to study the question and determine the origins of evolution. The scientists at CCE are at the forefront of demonstrating that small molecules present in the early earth and its atmosphere react with one another, self-assemble and respond to environmental pressures to form larger molecules that resemble biology's macromolecules.  With this research, the CCE is able to test the basic theory that formation of these important materials could ultimately have led to evolution.  

The central mission of the CCE is to bring this cutting-edge research to the public, to diversify the audience of people interested in chemistry and to use these discoveries to educate and generate excitement about science. The CCE, with the Center for Creative Arts at Emory University is looking to provide seed funds of up to US$3000 to creative and performing artists who are interested in collaborating with CCE scientists to create unique works of art that explore the theme of Chemical Evolution and develop an outreach plan to bring these works of art to diverse audiences.


Bio-Tech Evolution :: Engagement with the Non-Human
Call for Submissions for Exhibition closes 4 November 2011

This exhibition will be used to examine interactions between humans, technology, and biology, with the aim of re-invigorating the social, cultural and environmental value of non-human life.

Artworks that contain / deal with "wet biology" are encouraged, ethics /quarantine clearance must also be confirmed if this is required.  

The exhibition will be held at the Spectrum Project Space, Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia.

Please email word documents and Jpegs to Donna Franklin at including:
. Artist Statement
. 300 word Biography
. contact details
. photograph of proposed work or previous work.  

The Exhibition will run for two weeks in either May or
 June 2012. 


EYEBEAM 2012 Fellowships Open Call ::
New York
 Applications close 18 November 2011 for Fellowships starting 15 March 2012

Eyebeam is the leading not-for-profit art and technology centre in the USA. The unique collaborative environment fosters fellowships and residencies, research, education, public programming and a vital web space, 

Eyebeam is seeking applications from artists, hackers, engineers, designers, curators, and creative technologists to participate in their Fellowship program. Fellows at Eyebeam spearhead new research and develop new work. The ideal Fellow has experience working with and making innovative technological art or creative technology projects and has a passion for collaborative development.

Fellows will bring this experience and working approach to Eyebeam where they will have the opportunity to engage in their own independent projects, projects initiated by other Residents or Fellows, and projects conceived collaboratively with Eyebeam's staff and research partners.  Up to three Fellows will be selected to join continuing residents and fellows for an upcoming 11-month cycle, ideally beginning in mid-March but potentially in the summer or fall of 2012.

Fellows are expected to contribute to the Eyebeam community as collaborative partners to residents and mentors to youth working at Eyebeam and as principal leads in research initiatives, programs, and public engagement as well as leaders in Research Groups.

Fellows receive a $30,000 stipend during their stay in NYC with Eyebeam as well as 24/7 access to Eyebeam equipment and dedicated work areas.