Art|Sci Global Summer Connections + Happenings

Art|Sci Happenings: Summer 2014 

The Art|Sci Collective has been busy across the globe -- building connections, making alliances, and spreading the word about the relevant interconnectivity between arts and sciences. 

Professor Victoria Vesna spent the rest of the summer post-NanoLab abroad, traveling across Europe, from Croatia to Serbia, Vienna to Paris, Bristol to Linz. 

Professor Victoria Vesna joined the external faculty advisors of the PhD program in EMPOWERMENT INFORMATICS led by Dr. Hiroo Iwata, University of Tsukuba. They are working in collaboration with Ars Electronica in Austria to further share and develop their exisiting international alliances.

At Ars Electronica in Linz, Roy Ascott was honored as a pioneer visionary. The following day, he flew off to Shanghai where he is starting a new program with the help of our alumna Clarissa Ribeiro. Additionally, Art|Sci center friends and colleagues Professor Erkki Huhtamo (UCLA Design Media Arts) and Professor Machiko Kusuhara (Waseda University, Tokyo) helped curate the Device Art Exhibition that was also presented by the Art|Sci Center in 2011. Together with Professor Iwata they held a panel with Victoria Vesna leading the discussion about the future of device art.

In Vienna, Victoria Vesna met with Professor Alfred Vendl who introduced her to world renowned scientist and Carl Djerassi. She also met with Rektor Dr. Gerlad Bast and they agreed to have a research exchanges between our center and the Institut für Kunst und Technologie at the University for the Applied Arts in Vienna. 
Art|Sci Scientific Director and Professor James Gimzewski spent some time at the University of Bristol where he also participated in the NanoScience symposium. The following day, he flew off to Japan together with Adam Stieg for their continued work with MANA.

Assistant to the Director, Marissa Clifford, represented the center at SIGGRAPH, participating in "The Zen of Collaboration" panel headed by David Familian. Clifford also shared Art|Sci's program and methodology at a lecture series arranged by LEONARDO to discuss challenges for art-science-based organizations in academic arenas. In addition, Clifford met with representatives of the International Symposium on the Electronic Arts, where Professor Huhtamo presented as the keynote speaker in Dubai this fall.

Mary Tsang, Art|Sci Videographer, premeired "Learning in Public," the first episodes in a seven-part web-series about DIYBio, bioart, and hackerspaces across North America. Check out more about Mary, her collaborator Benjamin, and her DIY Documentary HERE


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