Colleen Macklin lecture/exhibition and Parsons NanoBioArt student exhibition @ CNSI


January 10 marked the opening of Art|Sci Artist in Residence Colleen Macklin's exhibition at the winter North | South mixer. Included in this was some of her recent experiments and prototypes, including the debut of a new playable prototype of a two-player game for the iPad. Colleen also gave a guest lecture at Victoria Vesna's UCLA course Hybrid Worlds: Nano-Biotech Plus Art which was free and open to the public.

Also on show at the mixer were the final projects of Victoria's Fall 2011 NanoBioArt class, all of whom are MFA students in the Design + Technology program at Parsons, the location of our first established Art|Sci Network. The highlight of this was student Jeremy Peterson who was there in person to show is work entitled Amorphous Morphology.

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