Five UCLA faculty to help forge UC's online future

Five UCLA faculty are among 29 UC-wide who have been selected to help pave the way to a digital future for the university through the Online Pilot Project, administered by the UC Office of the President in partnership with the Academic Senate. The university hopes to begin offering as many as 25 online courses by January, 2012. Selected from a field of applicants who submitted 71 proposals for online, for-credit classes, UCLA participants include Political Science Associate Professor Kathleen Bawn, for her politics and strategy class; Statistics Professor and Department Chair Jan de Leeuw, for a class in introductory statistics; Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry Yung-Ya Lin, for a general chemistry class; Political Science Professor Susanne Lohmann, for a class in ethics and governance; and Media Arts Professor Victoria Vesna of the Department of Design | Media Arts, for a class in art, science and technology.

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