Nanotech News, December 2011

 23 December 2011

Lawsuit on Risks of Nanotechnology<>
Consumer safety groups file lawsuit on risks of nanotechnology
tags: concerns, public opinion, regulation

21 December 2011
Nanowire-based single-cell endoscopy<>
An endoscope that can provide high-resolution optical images or precisely deliver cargo
tags: nanoscience, nanophotonics, microscope, drug delivery, nanowire, quantum dots

19 December 2011
Why hollow?... No, why solid! by Victor Puntes<>
Carving at the nanoscale
tags: nanoscience, nanoparticles

16 December 2011
New cotton fabric cleans itself when exposed to ordinary sunlight<>
Have been made in the past but only when exposed to ultraviolet rays
tags: nanoparticles, textiles

12 December 2011
17-year-old wins 100k $ for creating cancer-killing nanoparticle<>
The prize recognizes remarkable talent early on