Art, Science & Technology class (DESMA 9)

Art, Science & Technology class (DESMA 9)

100 students of Art, Science & Technology class (DESMA 9) present 100 final ideas on Water, Fire, Air + Earth!

Monday, December 3, 9am-noon (50)
Wednesday, December 5, 9am-noon (50)

Join us in person at the EDA, Broad Arts center, or tune in for live
streaming at the CNSI foyer or on your computer!

100 ideas live video stream:

EDA address:
Broad Art Center
240 Charles E. Young Dr.

CNSI address:
6722 Boelter Hall

Questions? Email Lis Evans:

*Students presenting are from the following majors:
Art, Architecture, Computer Science, Electrical engineering, Biology,
Statistics, Communication studies, Psychology, Sociology, Chemical
engineering, Neuroscience, Mechanical engineering, Civil engineering,
Pre-Med, Physics, Economics, Chemistry, Language, Aerospace,
Linguistics, Theater, Mathematics, History.