Exhibition: Hox Zodiac Dinner / 12.4.14

Exhibition: Hox Zodiac Dinner / 12.4.14


Exhibition Opening: 5-7 pm, Art|Sci Gallery, 5th Floor, CNSI

LASER Symposium: 7-9 pm, Presentation Space, 5th Floor, CNSI

Hox Zodiac Dinner is an on-going collaboration between Victoria Vesna and neuroscientist Siddharth Ramakrishnan. Inspired by the Hox genes which codify body plans across the animal kingdoms, Hox Zodiac offers the audience a seat at the dinner table, enabling conversations on mutations, morphology, and metamorphosis, on humans in relation to animals and the food we eat, on animals feral and laboratory raised. The participatory project aims to heighten consciousness about our animal bodies, mutations, art, and science. 

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EVENTS ARE FREE and light refreshments are on the house. Parking is in lot 9, by the hour $12 all day. Drive up to the top of the parking structure to reach the entrance of the building.