GIL KUNO: Antmaster IV

GIL KUNO: Antmaster IV

Exhibition Hours:
Mon – Friday: 11am – 5pm, Weekends by appointment

Location: Art | Sci gallery at the California Nanosystems Institute

The Antmaster is an experiment in hybridizing Dynamic Media (projections) with Static Media (paintings.) Digitally projected images of live ants are superimposed onto painted surfaces to achieve a new amalgam of motion and still images. In addition, nanosounds of ants moving and communicating were recorded in a nanoscience lab to act as a soundtrack to the pieces.


Through experiments in sound and re-envisioning experiences common within everyday life, Gil's aim is to push people away from paradigmatic thinking. He takes a whimsical approach in subverting common perceptions of reality. By exaggerating perception and derailing reality, Gil redefines the familiarity we associate with the organic and social processes that surround us.

Gil has exhibited/performed at: The National Art Center Tokyo, The Hammer Museum (L.A.), Fuji Rock Festival (Naeba, Japan), Laforet Harajuku (Tokyo), The Melkweg (Amsterdam), Schouwburg (Rotterdam), The Sprawl (London), Liquid Room (Tokyo), Womb (Tokyo), Milk (Tokyo), New Wight Gallery (L.A.), Code (Shinjuku, Tokyo), Core (Roppongi, Tokyo), Warp (Tokyo), Heaven's Door (Tokyo), Rockets (Osaka), Loft (Tokyo), among others.