Katrina Project: NO-LA at SIGGRAPH in New Orleans

Katrina Project: NO-LA at SIGGRAPH in New Orleans

The Katrina Project: NO-LA involves collaborators from art, design, behavioral science, journalism, and community outreach. A database-driven, activist website explores the psychological and social effects of the storm and its aftermath through interviews with and works by filmmakers, artists, dancers,musicians, architects, and cooks in New Orleans and Los Angeles.


Victoria Vesna
W.H. Lucas
Claes Andersson
Sveriges Radio
Jay yan

University of California, Los Angeles
Graduate Students
Kimberly Townes
Andreas Colubri
Estevan Carlos Benson

Undergraduate Students
Spring 2006 Print Class of W.H. Lucas

UCLA Center for Community Partnerships: http://la.ucla.edu/

Exhibition at SIGGRAPH opens August 3rd:

Victoria Vesna presents project: Aesthetic Computing panel,
chaired by Michael Kelly.
Panel link:

The State of Aesthetic
Computing or Info-Aesthetics
Monday, 3 August | 3:45 - 5:30 pm
Auditorium B

Aesthetic Computing is one of several related new fields: Info-Aesthetics, Database Aesthetics, Net-work Aesthetics, and Software Aesthetics. What are their similarities and differences? What are the aesthetic issues that drive them? How are they linked to technological developments? And what exactly is the role of aesthetics is this context?

Michael Kelly
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Victoria Vesna
University of California, Los Angeles

Paul Fishwick
University of Florida

Andrew Vande Moere
University of Sydney

Kenneth Huff
Savannah College of Art and Design