On the Neutron Trail: Enrico and Laura Fermi

On the Neutron Trail: Enrico and Laura Fermi


On the Neutron Trail:
Enrico and Laura Fermi

Friday, October 28, 6:00 PM
CUNY Graduate Center
365 Fifth Ave (at 34th St), NYC
Science Center, Room 4102

Free, no reservations

Olivia Fermi, writer, photographer and process facilitator, offers a window into global paradoxes of the nuclear era through an intimately personal lens: her grandparents' lives. Enrico Fermi, physicist, helped shape the quantum revolution and birth the atomic age. Laura Fermi, author, was the official US historian at the first International Conference on Peaceful Uses of the Atom and a pioneer in the environmental movement.

Olivia's talks include images and thought experiments to stretch assumptions and empower audiences. Her material comes from following the Neutron Trail, her name for a trans-cultural inquiry into our shared nuclear legacy. On the Trail, Olivia meets with scientists, artists, activists and nuclear survivors to discover and share cross-disciplinary insights for the benefit of our world.www.neutrontrail.com/talks

“.... Olivia Fermi ... tells a story that touches on remarkable achievement and triumph, but also on destruction and the continuing threat to human society. Her account of events is engrossing and thought provoking, and I am glad that she has taken on the task of engaging the public in these issues.” — Jerome Friedman, Nobel laureate, MIT Professor Emeritus of Physics, founding Board Member of the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology and Enrico Fermi’s last graduate student.