Open Salon: Carrie Paterson and Christopher Boxe

Open Salon: Carrie Paterson and Christopher Boxe

Up in the Air: Constraints for "Life" on Mars Sought through Atmospheric Models and Thermodynamic Calculations

Carrie Paterson and Christopher Boxe

Location: Broad Art Center, Studio 5250

The art/science collaborative team of Carrie Paterson and Christopher Boxe will discuss the challenge of creating visualization tools that also function as critical artworks to affect public discourse and understanding of science. Currently they are concentrating on modeling crucial chemistry and reaction pathways in atmospheric science, and reflecting on topics in astrobiology.

Christopher Boxe He recently completed a 3-year postdoctoral matriculation at NASA-JPL's Earth and Space Science Division and now works at JPL as an interdisciplinary research scientist.

Carrie Paterson She teaches at Cal State Fullerton in the art department's graduate studies program and gives an undergraduate course on graphic novels, comics, video games and avatars. She is guest editing a special Art & Science issue of Artillery Magazine due out in May.

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