Role of Nature and Nuture in Maladaptive Behavior

Role of Nature and Nuture in Maladaptive Behavior

UCLA Center for Society and Genetics presents:

The Role of Nature and Nurture in the Development and Intergenerational Transmission of Maladaptive Behavior: A Comparative Perspective

Professor Dario Maestripieri

Department of Comparative Human Development, Evolutionary Biology, Neurobiology and Psychiatry
University of Chicago

Location: 2125 Rolfe Hall


Comparative research with animals can help us understand the relative contributions of genetic and environmental factors to the development and intergenerational transmission of maladaptive psychological processes and behavior. Cross-fostering experiments and the use of the candidate gene approach in studies of rhesus monkeys have allowed us to examine the relative contributions of genetic variation in brain serotonergic function and early traumatic experience in the intergenerational transmission of abusive parenting. We have also elucidated some of the neurobiological mechanisms through which genetic and experiential factors affect the development of maladaptive emotional responses and behavior.

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