Takashi Ikegami and Mizuki Oka Lectures

Takashi Ikegami and Mizuki Oka Lectures

Takashi Ikegami
Mind Time Machine

Takashi Ikegami is an associate professor in the Department of General Systems Sciences at the University of Tokyo. His works encompasses both the arts and sciences and deal with complex systems and artificial life. He comes to UCLA to start work on a NSF grant with Professor Charles Taylor and Victoria Vesna. Together they are developing the “Acoustic Sensor Arrays for Understanding Bird Communication”

Mizuki Oka
Exploring Default Mode and Information Flow on the Web

Using the unique ideas of the recent discovery in brain science of the
default mode, Oka studies the autonomy and information flow in a Web
system. In this talk, Oka discusses her study on the weak fluctuation
not driven by social context as a default mode of the Web derived from
brain science.

Lecture @ 2pm

UCLA Broad Art Center, room 5240