Particle Episode 5: Post Pandemic Provocations

Particle Episode 5: Post Pandemic Provocations


Join the Leonardo Post Pandemic Provocation Group to discuss, imagine and critically PROVOKE ideas for what our complex world might look like after the pandemic
13 Apr 2020 - 8:00pm

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Provocation 1:
In times like this, we need more un-necessary research.

NOT provocative:
Less un-necessary travel, email and texting and un-necessary consumption.

Provocation 2:
But above all we must re-define the un-necessary.

1. I suggest that in the post-pandemic world, creative practices (ones
that arouse the imagination, senses, and emotions? the marvelous? as
sought by both the Romantic Naturalists and the Surrealists) must be
embraced as essential forms of knowledge production in and of
themselves. These can be constructively applied. Not simply as
embellishment or in a support capacity? But in concert with science’s
rigorous and dispassionate methods.

2. The objective stance we are obliged to take as good scientists in
fact reinforces the notion that humans are autonomous entities/outside
observers, separate from one another and the Biosphere? The virus,
however, powerfully demonstrates the ways in which humanity is
interwoven with and inseparable from the vast milieu of planetary
systems and forces. Can dualism be applied when due, while undue
dualism is undone? [Alyce Santoro]