Particle Episode 22: George Quasha

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We are humbled to be joined by George Quasha who immediately invites viewers and listeners to slow down and settle into their bodies and place and truly listen. Quasha is careful and conscious with his speech and semiotics believing in the power of language as a world-maker or world-breaker. In this regard, Quahsa speaks with "quantum awareness" understanding that, even down to the molecular level, interactions are the basis for our language and therefore our existence. Throughout this conversation he tells stories of his experiences working trans-disciplinarily as a poet, artist, musician and how those multiple places allow for open-ended understandings of the surrounding world. He discusses his own theories and revolutions rooted in his artistic and mindful practices. This is a beautiful episode to kick-start our Fall Particle Series.

Artist, poet, and musician working across mediums to explore principles in common within language, sculpture, drawing, video, sound, installation, and performance. Solo exhibitions of axial stones and axial drawings include the Baumgartner Gallery in New York (Chelsea), the Slought Foundation in Philadelphia, and at the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art at SUNY New Paltz. This work is featured in the published book, Axial Stones: An Art of Precarious Balance, Foreword by Carter Ratcliff (North Atlantic Books: Berkeley, 2006).