From Forces to Forms: Episode 2 "Morphogenesis"

From Forces to Forms: Episode 2 "Morphogenesis"

Pratt Institute

Presented by Pratt Institute this is an online discussion about the exhibition called "Forces to Forms"
9 Apr 2022 - 12:00pm


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Pratt Manhattan Gallery, now on the ground floor!
Presented at Pratt Institute’s Manhattan Gallery and curated by Ellen K. Levy, a multimedia artist, scholar, and past president of the College Art Association, “From Forces to Forms” explores the nature of form by engaging with the potent forces and processes of nature. By investigating how physical laws shape living and nonliving forms alike — ideas first proposed by D’ Arcy Thompson in his classic tome “On Growth and Form” (1917) — the exhibition explores universal principles of organismic development while delving into the flux and perturbations that characterize life today.

Reflecting Pratt Institute’s commitment to interdisciplinarity, “From Forces to Forms” features works by 19 artists and designers whose practices draw from both art and science and articulate a shared commitment to creating a more sustainable world. These works consider the implications of form generation through a variety of media (from analog to digital), at different scales (from subatomic to macroscopic), and in varied contexts (from prebiotic to ecosystems).

Second Episode "Morphogenesis" will feature:
Ricci Albenda
Gemma Anderson
Janet Echelman
Haresh Lalvani
William Lamson
Oliver Laric