Art as Social Practice: Technologies for Change

Art as Social Practice: Technologies for Change

Xtine Burrough, Victoria Vesna

12 Feb 2023 - 11:30am

FEB 16: PARALLEL SESSIONS with Art Sci collective members! on site

2:30 PM –4:00 PM EST
Art as Social Practice: Technologies for Change Chair: Xtine Burrough – co-editor of book and Chair of session with contributors to the publication.

Hox Zodiac: Spinning the Wheel of Interspecies Collaboration, Victoria Vesna presentation based on the paper in the Art as Social Practice book

Modest in Nature: We are All Lichen and Other Lessons Learned with Carbon Sponge,
Brooke Singer, SUNY Purchase

Borderland Collective: In Practice and Dialogue, Mark J Menjivar

Can This Be A Community When You're Trying To Sell Me A Luxury Watch?, Rebekah Modrak, University of Michigan Stamps School

Pandemic Makeover: Reimagining Place and Community in a Time of Collapse, Beverly E. Naidus

Bio-Digital Pathways: Mushrooming Knowledge, Expanding Community (Cesar & Lois), Lucy HG Solomon

—-- IN PARALLEL to the book presentations – Art Sci collective members are in a panel Ecologies-as-Cosmologies

2:30 PM –4:00 PM EST
Chair: Clarissa Ribeiro, Art|Sci Collective / UCLA Art|Sci Center

Andrea Room Offerings, Claudia Jacques de Moraes Cardoso

Art and Science as Storytelling, Mick Lorusso

We Bring Your Microbiome Back, Clarissa Ribeiro

walk quietly, ts'ekw'unshun kws qulutun: a guided walk in a Key Biodiversity Area,
Amy-Claire Huestis