Various Artists

Collective insights and updates!
10 Sep 2023 - 10:00am

It's been an intense summer with so much climate / social / political disruptions and we did our best to stay positive and continue our work to make this world a better place. High School students attending the Sci Art summer institute sessions gave us hope! We had a great group on site at the UCLA campus and online and are proud of their accomplishments! Now we're excited to share some news from our collective!

- Noise Aquarium traveled to Quebec with the OUR TIME ON EARTH exhibition - at the time of horrific fires
- Alien Star Dust traveled to Beijing with the COSMOLOGICAL ELEMENTS at the same time that the city was experiencing torrential floods
- Anuradha Vikram co-curator of the Getty PST Atmosphere of Sound: sonic arts in times of climate disruption, published a book that she penned during the pandemic. She will do a reading along with Mashinka Firunts Hakopian at the LA Art Book Fair this weekend!
- Assistant Director Ivana Dama and Aleksandra Jovanić received a grant from the Hyundai ArtLab!
- Maryam Razi, designer / event coordinator has contributed as a co-author to a recently published book by the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich.
- Alvaro Azcarraga created new bio works during his residency at Coalesce Center for Biological Art and had a show with Linda Weintraub at the Soil Factory!
- Rodolfo Ward presented his research at the Consulate General of Brazil!

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