TengChao Zhou

Short Bio: 
TC Zhou (b. 1990) is a computational media artist. His programming-language-based art is about queer studies and gay Chinese literature. He thinks poetically and is interested in combining old stories with new media, such as machine intelligence, genetic programming, and game systems. He sees art-making as a form of research. TC Zhou has been carrying out independent research about sexual orientation since 2014, creating flash animation and games since 2001, and making queer games since 2017. TC Zhou graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree from UCLA's Design Media Arts department, a major in Computer Science from NYU, was a panelist at the UCLA Queer Graduate Research Conference (2022 & 2023). His work was shown at V2_ lab (Rotterdam residency), Art Machines 2 (artist talk at CityU Hong Kong), UCLA New Wright Gallery, UCLA Design Media Arts Gallery (solo show), Spectra Studio (Los Angeles), Top Art Space (Guangzhou). His work was supported by Points Center for Contemporary Art (Kunshan), UCLA DMA fellowship, and Stone and Kimono Lin Fellowship.