AI for Audio / Visual Arts

AI for Audio / Visual Arts

Yuting Tao

Online Workshop
28 Nov 2023 - 1:00pm

AI visualizations in art represent a digital renaissance, blending precision of algorithms with imagination of artists. The process of prompt input and interaction between artist and machine is a testimony of new artistic frontiers.

This workshop will explore various AI-powered software tools for generative art creation for images, videos and audio. We will focus on practical skills, including crafting effective prompts to produce optimal generative artworks. Interactive sessions will provide hands-on experience, enabling attendees to develop and refine their AI-generated art pieces with precision and creativity. Discover the transformative potential of AI in both artistic expression and professional applications, and envision the future shaped by advancements from OpenAI and more.

To prepare for the workshop, please sign up for free trials of Midjourney, RunwayML, and Stable Audio. This will allow us to test them together during the session.
Yuting Tao [Intern at UCLA ArtSci Center and Harvestworks NY] is a forward-thinking media artist based in New York City, who investigates social interventions through immersive installation with narratives, AI and extended reality. With a focus on narrative development, Yuting endeavors to bridge the generational divide between Gen Z and earlier generations, fostering a shared understanding and appreciation for the evolving societal narrative.

Yuting earned her Bachelor’s degree from UCLA Design Media Arts program, where her passion for blending traditional storytelling with contemporary digital mediums flourished. Her academic pursuits sharpened her skills in AR and VR, paving the way for her innovative approach to narrative exploration. Currently, she is investigating on the application of generative art.

Yuting’s artistic journey is a testimony to her belief in the power of technology as a tool for social preservation and adaptation. Through her work, she creates not just visually enthralling experiences, but also platforms for dialogue, reflection, and connection across generational lines.

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