Digicult Media Partnership

Sci|Art Nanolab 2010 has joint a media parntership with the digital platform Digicult in order to communicate its upcoming activities to a broader european audience.

DIGICULT is an online/offline Italian cultural and editorial platform, created with the aim to spread digital art and culture worldwide. DIGICULT focuses on the impact of new technologies and modern sciences on art, design, culture and contemporary society.

DIGICULT was founded and is directed by Marco Mancuso, and is now based on the active participation of 40 professional people, who represent the first vast Italian Network of journalists, curators, artists and critics in the field of digital art and culture. DIGICULT is also the editor of the monthly magazine DIGIMAG, which focuses, on some important cultural and artistic issues like net art, hacktivism, video art, electronica, audio video, interaction design, artificial intelligence, new media, software art and performing art with a critic and journalistic approach.