LEAF Chair-Elect Positions

The Leonardo Education and Art Forum is currently seeking nominations/self nominations fortwo new LEAF Chair-Elect positions.  One position will be effective immediately and the other will be effective in February 2014.  

The successful candidate for the current Chair Elect position will assume the position of Incoming Chair at the CAA 2014 conference.  They will then assume the position of Chair at the CAA conference in 2015.  The Incoming Chair and Chair work collaboratively on LEAF responsibilities and programming during their respective terms (see below under: "Structure" for further details).  
The successful candidate for the second position of Chair Elect will begin their term in February 2014 and cycle through all three positions over a three year period.
The current LEAF Chair and a LEAF Advisory Group of former chairs will accept nominations for the two Chair Elect positions until November 15th, 2013.  Afterward, statements regarding each nominee will be distributed to the LEAF membership and an election will be conducted via e-mail.  If you wish to nominate yourself or another suitable candidate for either Chair Elect position, please send an e-mail and brief bio to:

Patricia Olynyk: olynyk@wustl.edu


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