DIYSect Web Series

DIYsect is a webseries created by Mary Tsang and Benjamin Welmond, which focuses on DIY Biology and the Biology-Art intersection, who have said this about their project:

Our goal is to raise questions and discuss the way biotechnology is changing our society: What are its political, social, and even philosophical implications? What happens when manipulating life becomes as simple as writing a line of code? And more importantly, How can increasing access to biohacking and biotinkering improve citizen's relationships with emerging technologies? 

Learning in Public
The first episode of the DIYSECT (VIEW HEREweb-series, 'Learning in Public' introduces several members of the do-it-yourself biology movement (Norfolk's Biologik, Victoria's Biospace, and Sunnyvale's Biocurious), as well as tactical performance artists Steve Kurtz (Critical Art Ensemble), Claire Pentecost, and subRosa (Faith Wilding and Hyla Willis). What these groups have in common is idea of public amateurism: hacking hardware, ideas, and life, and revealing that process in the public sphere. These practices reinforce the idea that you don't have to be classically trained to engage with biology, and show that having access to the tools of biotechnology empowers the everyday citizen with technical knowledge as well as social-political insight into the world we live in.

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Key Words: DIYBio, learning together, role of experts, hacker ethic, deconstructing the "black box," public amateurism, barriers to public literacy, social resistance, open laboratory doors, tinkering