Nanomedicine - Visions for the Future

Nanomedicine - Visions for the Future

Location: NH Carlton Amsterdam Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands

In the latest of its highly-successful series of Conferences addressing the new field of nanomedicine and related medical technologies, the Institute of Nanotechnology, in partnership with NanoNed (the Dutch national nanotechnology network), brings together some of the world’s leading researchers and companies in the fields of medical diagnostics, drug design and delivery, imaging and regenerative medicine to show how the application of nanoscience and nanotechnologies can contribute towards answering this multifaceted challenge.

What is Nanomedicine?
A one-day professional training course: Tuesday, 23rd February, 2010

The Institute of Nanotechnology (IoN) in collaboration with Cranfield University, the UK’s leading provider of postgraduate education, presents an exciting one-day professional training course aimed at providing a broad introduction to the rapidly-developing new field of nanomedicine.

This intensive one-day course will include how nanotechnoloy is being applied to medical imaging, lab-on-a-chip, quantum dots and other novel diagnostic tools, biosensors, regenerative medicine, advanced and “smart” medical materials, drug targeting and delivery systems, nano-bio-electronic interfaces and novel devices. The course will also examine some of the key associated risk, ethical and regulatory issues.

This course is targeted towards clinicians interested in learning about novel nanotechnology-based treatments and diagnostic tools, medical researchers, staff involved in innovation and technology transfer, healthcare administrators, regulators and others interested in how new and highly multidisciplinary technologies will impact on the practice of medicine and delivery of healthcare.

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