Color, Light, Motion. Episode 1: Erkki Huhtamo

Color, Light, Motion. Episode 1: Erkki Huhtamo

Erkki Huhtamo

ERKKI HUHTAMO In conversation with Victoria Vesna brought to you by the David Bermant Foundation
27 Feb 2021 - 9:00am

Watch the event here.

We are proud to announce the beginning of COLOR, LIGHT, MOTION, a collaboration with Harvestworks NY and the David Bermant Foundation. This new, online series will feature a media artist in conversation with one of the works from the Bermant Collection. Each artist will go over the selected artwork, in history and context, and then will present their own work and discuss relationships and contrasts between. These rich conversations will be unique, interesting and art-historical.

Erkki Huhtamo is a media archaeologist, exhibition curator, and professor at the University of California,
Los Angeles in the Departments of Design Media Arts and Film, Television, and Digital Media.

The David Bermant Foundation: Color, Light, Motion was established in 1986 with the mission to encourage and advocate experimental visual art which draws its form, content and working materials from late twentieth-century technology. The working materials include physical sources of energy, light, and sound. The resulting artworks question and extend the boundaries of the visual arts. To learn more about The David Bermant Foundation and its collection, visit the foundation website