Color, Light, Motion Episode 4 with Anne Niemetz

Color, Light, Motion Episode 4 with Anne Niemetz

Anne Niemetz

Anne will be discussing several works in the Bermant collection, including Clyde Lynds' Saturn's Other Moon, David Durlach's Dancing Trees II, and Dustin Shuler's Rainforest.
12 Jun 2021 - 1:00pm

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COLOR, LIGHT, MOTION, is an online series featuring media artists and scholars in dialogue about artworks from the Bermant Collection of media and kinetic arts. Each featured presenter will discuss selected artworks in history and context and then present their own work and connections. This series is produced in collaboration with Harvestworks NY and the David Bermant Foundation.

ANNE NIEMETZ has been video-documenting the David Bermant Collection since 2004, and has created most of the visual documentation materials found on the Bermant website.
Operating in the field of New Media Art and Design, Anne’s creative work focuses on the convergence of design, technology, art and science. Her work is intentionally collaborative and interdisciplinary, manifesting itself in forms of interactive and non-interactive audio-visual installations, videos, wearable technology designs and electronic art.
Anne holds a Media Arts degree from the Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe (HfG), Germany, with a focus in digital media and interactive sound installation. She continued her studies at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) where she received an MFA in Design and Media Arts in 2004. In 2007 she moved to New Zealand, where she holds the position of Senior Lecturer in Media Design at Victoria University of Wellington (VUW). Currently Anne is the programme director of the Bachelor of Design Innovation at VUW.