Re–Fest 2023

Re–Fest 2023


20 Apr 2023 - 9:00am

The theme for Re–Fest 2023 is Re-New, which critically examines our culture’s obsession with newness. How can we prioritize ancestral knowledge, healing practices, and forgotten technologies in order to renew our relationship with creation and progress?

Festival sites in NYC and LA will feature exhibitions, performances, and conversations that will stream into our virtual venue, converging disparate disciplines, perspectives, and approaches in an effort to spark renewal.

Exhibition Artists:
Blair Simmons, Archive of Digital Portraits Cast in Concrete
Bobby Joe Smith III, Wókiksuye
Caco Peguero, FUTURING : Portable Park
Folly Feast Lab (Viviane El Kmati & Yara Feghali), Be.Longing XR
Iman Person
Jamison Edgar & Huntrezz Janos, White Man's Foot :))))))
Kate Parsons, Bloom AR
Kira Xonorika, Coral Reef, I am Presence
Laure Michelon, Machinic Reflection
Marcus Kuiland-Nazario & Paul Donald, Macho Stereo
Nicole Yi Messier & Victoria Manganiello (Craftwork Collective), Ancient Futures
Sarah Sweeney, A Conversation with My Deepfake Dad