Seeing Through: Science as a Model for Art: Which Science? Which Model?

Seeing Through: Science as a Model for Art: Which Science? Which Model?

Ellen K. Levy

Online lecture
8 May 2024 - 3:00pm

As part of UCLA Honors Seminar Series on "Biotechnology and Art," taught by Prof. Victoria Vesna, we are excited to welcome artist and writer Ellen K. Levy for a captivating lecture. Known for her innovative exploration of science and technology through art, Levy's insights will enrich our understanding of the intersection between these fields. You are welcome to join the discussion.

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The ideas and collections of D’Arcy Thompson, the University’s first Professor of Biology, have profoundly influenced many artists and writers who re-interpret natural history, projecting it through the lens of evolution, fantasy, consumption, fear or desire. This unique exhibition features a site-specific installation in the Tower Foyer Gallery with additional elements in the D’Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum. “Seeing Through” proposes tours of Thompson’s collection visualised as if through the lenses of futurist author J G Ballard and pop-artist Richard Hamilton. We visit the collection through dizzying perspectival renderings of merged organic/machine hybrids, eco-catastrophes and space travel, as alluded to by Hamilton and Ballard. Levy’s speculative exhibition explores our synergistic relationship with technology, including our aspirations and its threats. Our notions of evolution are, themselves, evolving.

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Exhibition at Tower Foyer Gallery & D'Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum
University of Dundee
6 April - 29 June 2024
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