Frank Rothkamm's K5 As The 5th State Of Matter Tonight

Frank Rothkamm tonight (3/27) at Harvestworks: 7PM!

Using a multi-dimension synthesizer, proprietary software and a hammer to engage the sight, sound & mind, Frank will present K5 as the Fifth State of Matter, a lecture/performance/presentation that draws from Conceptual & Performance Art, Fourier Analysis & Synthesis, Platonic Philosophy & Numerology, Discrete Mathematics & Visualization, History of Computing & Masonic theater. 

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OPEN CALL: Queens International 2013

Submit your materials and ideas to be considered for Queens International 2013 at the Queens Museum. A tradition since 2001, Queens Intl. is a biennial of artists living and/or working in Queens which brings together the vibrant borough through contemporary culutral production in all media.

Open House: March 17th and April 7, 2-3 PM

For more info:www.queensmuseum.org/11054/queens-international-2013

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Mathematica Experts Live: Numeric Modeling in Mathematica

Numeric modeling in Mathematica is the topic of this month's "Mathematica Experts Live" training special event. Apanel of experts will present Mathematica's powerful numerical capabilities for differential equation solving, optimization, and special functions, with time scheduled for live Q&A.

Mathematica Experts Live: Numeric Modeling in Mathematica
Wednesday, March 27, 1-2pm US EDT | 5-6pm GMT

If you need high-performance numerical computing, this free online event is for you. Seats are limited. See event details and register today:

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 Art from Synthetic Biology is the cumulation of a doctoral research using synthetic biology and genetics in art production. As the first public art exhibition to feature living genetically modified microorganisms in the UK, it represents a milestone within bio art practices and highlights the challenges of putting such matter on display.

Come to the Royal Institution to experience living synthetic biology artworks. A special evening event on the 10th of April from 6.30pm will discuss the artworks and their context.

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