BIOFICTION: Science/Art/Film Festival in Vienna, Austria

BIO*FICTION: Science.Art.Film Festival

The Synthetic Biology Festival: October 23-25, 2014 // Vienna, Austria

BIO*FICTION explores the emerging field of synthetic biology from different disciplinary angles including science and engineering, social science, cultural studies, amateur biology, film makers, artists and designers. The festival hosts presentations, panel discussions, do-it biology demos, performances, art work and film screenings, particularly of short films on any aspect of synthetic biology.

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Bernar VENET est l’invité de la Fondation IMéRA (AMU) [Nov 21, 2013]


Jeudi 21 novembre 2013 à 15h

Bernar VENET est l’invité de la Fondation IMéRA (AMU)

Pour une rencontre sur
"Désordre", oeuvre de Bernar Venet exposée dans les jardins du Pharo (Marseille)

Avec Olivier Schefer, Maître de Conférences d'Esthétique et de
Philosophie de l'Art à l'Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne.
« Bernar Venet : hasard et nécessité. Le modèle mathématique. »

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 Mathieu Lehanneur performed the first design experiment at Le Laboratoire in 2007. Since then he has often developed experimental works of design at the frontiers of science, and today he is the designer of the new Laboratoire in the United States. Mathieu will speak of his work, of the importance of the culture lab, and of the design of the future Laboratoire.


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ARTISTIC ENGAGEMENT, Johannesburg (Dec 9)

 With his Truth in Translation, the writer and director Michael Lessac began a new chapter in his career concurrent with the opening of Le Laboratoire, the Science Gallery, and the Wellcome Collection. After his successes in New York theater and Hollywood cinema, Lessac took on the human subject of reconciliation, exploring through musical theater the post- Apartheid Truth Commission from the point of view of the Commission’s translators.

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 The Wellcome Collection opened its doors a few months before Le Laboratoire in Paris. Today over a half million visitors pass through its galleries to explore contemporary social and medical questions via installations and events that blend art, science and the humanities. Founding director Ken Arnold will speak of the experiments he oversees in Kings Cross and of the exciting plans for expanding the venue’s activities from autumn 2014.


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Ars Electronica is a unique trans-disciplinary cultural institution, created in 1979 as an art and technology festival, and since 1996 a thriving cultural center as well. The artists Dimitry Gelfand and Evelina Domnitch will speak of their recentworks and of ways in which Ars Electronica has served as an indispensible platform for their cultural experimentation.


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