Particle Episode 3: Iain Kerr

"What does wellbeing look like?"
"What do we want to look like at the end of this?"

These are two questions Iain Kerr, Co-Director MIX Lab and Instructor of Innovation Design at Montclair University, talks with us about in the 3rd episode of PARTICLES. Iain discusses how he and his students at Montclair University are responding to the pandemic through community mobilization of medical resources, maintaining safe connections with individuals through foraging, and thinking critically about how we can use this time to reimagine and redevelop our social, economic and political systems.

Iain Kerr is a designer, systems thinker, and social entrepreneur, working at the intersection of creativity, ecology, and emergent systems. With a background in Architecture, Design, Art and Philosophy, he brings a unique perspective to issues of social innovation, design and entrepreneurship. His work is focused on inventing novel creative processes to transform seemingly intractable problems into problems worth having. Iain has spent the last two decades developing and teaching unique transformative models of creative processes.

As the co-director of the MIX Lab, Iain has developed new curriculum for using 3D printing to activate design thinking processes far from the normal realms of Industrial Design and Engineering. This innovative curriculum is at the heart of the lab’s certificate program in Innovation Design and Rapid Prototyping, as well as at the forefront of re-imagining Design Thinking as a powerful tool of innovation at all scales of action.

Listen to the interview here: