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31 Mar 2020 - 1:00pm

Particle Episode 21: Keri Kukral

This week Keri Kukral discusses redefining physical space and how we interact within it, especially in Hollywood, and what it means for inclusivity and whose voices are heard. She shares about her current work and experience celebrating science through film and live action, creating an expressive artistic platform to advocate for inclusivity and interaction, championing science filmmakers to gain visibility and recognition.

Particle Episode 20: Takashi Ikegami

In this episode, Takashi joins us from Tokyo, Japan, and addresses how he interprets the global events occurring right now and how one event can shift everything. He discusses one of his interests in going beyond human perception in both spatial and temporal scales, and how it is applicable to the pandemic. Two pressing issues we face today, climate change and the virus, are both beyond our temporal perception, as climate change is on a scale of thousands of years, and in comparison, the virus is a few nanometers in length.

Particle Episode 19: Claire Farago

In this engaging episode, Claire Farago speaks with urgency about the Climate Crisis advocating that we think of ourselves relationally, to the world and people around us, and not individually. She provokes, "how do we build support for planetary citizenship?" Nudging further that art and science collaborations are critical for building this future, Claire and Victoria take a deep look through art history, discussing works and examples of how throughout time collaborations and interdisciplinary thinking has produced novel and thoughtful advances.

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[July 7] [Alien] Star Dust

Particle Episode 18: María Antonia González Valerio

In this episode we are joined by the ever-inspiring María Antonia González Valerio a philosopher and professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), who invites us to really look at and consider how we are responding to the pandemic in our institutions, in our bodies, and in our communities. María Antonia is interested in our incapacity to stop, to slow down and questions why we as humans have responded to this unprecedented circumstance with the mentality that we must continue business-as-usual. She proclaims, "Let the extraordinary be extraordinary!


"If you create chaos in the system, that opens for change, but who can take part in that change? What if the change is in the wrong hands?"
(Danielle Siembieda)

The second edition of Post-Pandemic Provocations, hosted conjointly by Leonardo/The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology (Leonardo/(ISAST) and the ArtSci Center features the incredible Provocateur cast consisting of Roger Malina, Nina Czegledy, Joel Slayton, Victoria Vesna, Danielle Siembieda and features special guest María Antonia González Valerio.

Particle Episode 16: Sarah Brady

What is the material interface of the pandemic? Sarah Brady addresses this question in her work and teaching practice at University of California, Santa Barbara and discusses her experiences and current thoughts with Victoria Vesna. Sarah is interested in face-to-face and tactile exchanges between humans, emphasizing this as an essential component of research and her art practice. In the face of the pandemic, however, Brady is having to figure out new modes of material interaction.