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31 Mar 2020 - 1:00pm

Particle Episode 16: Sarah Brady

What is the material interface of the pandemic? Sarah Brady addresses this question in her work and teaching practice at University of California, Santa Barbara and discusses her experiences and current thoughts with Victoria Vesna. Sarah is interested in face-to-face and tactile exchanges between humans, emphasizing this as an essential component of research and her art practice. In the face of the pandemic, however, Brady is having to figure out new modes of material interaction.

Particle Episdode 15: Robertina Šebanič

Robertina joins us from Ljubljana, Slovenia and talks with Victoria about her shifting work and experiences brought on by the pandemic. Robertina is particularly interested in the how the environment is responding to the pandemic, noticing what species and sounds are returning to the river and how this changes the audible ecology. She has been creating a sound archive of these changes while considering what type of ecological data might come out of all of the slowing.

Particle Episode 14: Hadley Arnold

We are joined by Hadley Arnold of Arid Lands Institute and Divining Lab who talks with us about designing innovative, intelligent and data-driven systems for water security in the arid world. Hadley discusses her personal journey through the arts and humanities which have led her to understand how art, science, and history can be utilized as complementary tools to enhance the effectiveness of design. Hadley and Victoria also talk about the impacts of climate change on our water systems, and how the pandemic has exposed both vulnerabilities and possibilities for our society.

Particle Episode 13: Karamjit S. Gill

In this episode we are joined by Karamjit S. Gill, Founder and Editor of AI&Society. Gill discusses his journey with AI&Society how efforts were focused on filling a vital gap – one that was leaving people in marginalized communities out of the dialogue for social context surrounding art, science and technology. Since then, his work as a Professor and Editor have continued to foster the development and structure needed for people from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to come together and share ideas.

Particle Episode 12: Haytham Nawar

Haytham joins Victoria from Cairo, Egypt where he discusses the current situation and how it is revealing deep complexities within the Egyptian socioeconomic system. He uses bread, and food distribution as the starting point for discussing these complexities as it consistently circles back to questions of how we eat, sustain ourselves, and take care of one another during these times.

Particle Episode 10: Siddharth Ramakrishnan

Siddarth Ramakrishnan is interested in the cusp of disciplines and the dialog that arises at that juncture. Art and Science have long been thought to be completely divergent fields, but he believes that there is a lot to be discovered by blending the two, and by allowing scientists and artists to engage with one another. He has started an Art Science Collaborative at the University of Puget Sound that organizes salons, panels, and exhibitions. Currently he is a visiting Professor at the Borough Manhattan Community College part of the City University of New York.

Particle Episode 9: Anna Dumitriu

We are so fortunate to be joined by artist Anna Dumitriu in Brighton, England for Episode 9 of Particles. Since Anna was a child, she has been thoroughly interested in the London Plague and subsequent infectious diseases - how they are carried and how myths and folklore develop around the unseen. Her work is now focused on these unseen characters, down to their DNA, and considers what roles and implications microorganisms carry in culture, science and economy.

Particle Episode 8: Stephanie Rothenberg

This ArtSci Particle features Stephanie Rothenberg, joining us from Buffalo, New York. Stephanie begins with a potent discussion of her work which is then followed by a conversation with Victoria about the necessity of sentience during this time, asking, “what senses do we still have available that allow us to remain connected?” Stephanie engages this question with her students and with her practice, working with social justice organizations, city planners and stakeholders to make artwork that has potential to effect change and help drive public and social progress.

Particle Episode 7: Clarissa Ribeiro

Clarissa Ribeiro sits down with Victoria Vesna to have an informal interview about her recent work, creating open-source face shields and masks so that everyone can have a means for protecting themselves. Clarissa distributes this work widely, but not through sharing materials – instead through sharing media so there is no contamination in the exchange. She also muses critically and philosophically about the separation humans create between us and other species, and even the language we use to further drive that separation.