Particle Episode 9: Anna Dumitriu

We are so fortunate to be joined by artist Anna Dumitriu in Brighton, England for Episode 9 of Particles. Since Anna was a child, she has been thoroughly interested in the London Plague and subsequent infectious diseases - how they are carried and how myths and folklore develop around the unseen. Her work is now focused on these unseen characters, down to their DNA, and considers what roles and implications microorganisms carry in culture, science and economy. Anna leads us on a fascinating journey through her personal history, research and artwork to discuss the contemporary pandemic and imagines what might come from this time. Anna's work and words are reminders to us all that it necessary to conduct "unnecessary" research - following our own threads of what peaks our interests, in the idea that these seemingly unnecessary interests contribute to the world's body of knowledge carrying potentials that may lead to breakthroughs and unexpected collaborations and solutions.