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31 Mar 2020 - 1:00pm

Particle Episode 6: Linda Weintraub

Linda Weintraub formats this Particle episode as a commencement address to inspire an honest and positive response to this challenging moment. Through creative, critical analysis she reminds us that art can contribute to a beneficial outcome of the pandemic. Using the framework of the Minimalist movement of the 1960's, she illuminates that when things become stripped down and removed of context or knowing, we are left with essential facts and a real opportunity to look, feel, and respond with authenticity.

Particle Episode 5: Post Pandemic Provocations


Victoria Vesna joins the Leonardo Post Pandemic Provocation Group to discuss, imagine and critically PROVOKE ideas for what our complex world might look like after the pandemic. Viewed from a multi-disciplinary vantage point, this conversation begins by taking a look at what's happening now then broadening out to how it's possible to grow out of this time as a more consciously interdependent species and world. This conversation is one in a series of Leonardo Post Pandemic Provocations.

Particle Episode 3: Iain Kerr

Iain discusses how he and his students at Montclair University are responding to the pandemic through community mobilization of medical resources, maintaining safe connections with individuals through foraging, and thinking critically about how we can use this time to reimagine and redevelop our social, economic and political systems.

Particle Episode 2: Pat Badani

Artist, Pat Badani joins Victoria Vesna for a philosophical and socially contextual conversation about bread and food in the time of pandemic. For Badani, who uses bread making in her work, the process is intimate, material, and deeply connected to time. She is interested in how during times of crises, humans are drawn to the essential, and how this is symbolized by the relationships between humans, yeast, water and wheat.