Particle Episdode 15: Robertina Šebanič

Robertina joins us from Ljubljana, Slovenia and talks with Victoria about her shifting work and experiences brought on by the pandemic. Robertina is particularly interested in the how the environment is responding to the pandemic, noticing what species and sounds are returning to the river and how this changes the audible ecology. She has been creating a sound archive of these changes while considering what type of ecological data might come out of all of the slowing. This conversation also navigates a changing artworld as museums and galleries shut down globally and prompts artists to consider how to generate new and meaningful markets. Robertina is actively negotiating these changes by localizing her practice – focusing on her immediate community and environment to enact and empower positive change. Robertina reaffirms that art and science collaborations are even more essential during and after this pandemic and her current work, focused on the sound-scape of the Adriatic Sea, is a clear demonstration of this. This heartfelt and interesting conversation is not to be missed.